Where would we be today without the awe-inspiring achievements of certain individuals?

Man’s first steps on the moon; a woman’s first solo circumnavigation of the earth; a humble bee keeper scaling the most perilous mountain on our planet.

These are the moments that define us. These are the moments that inspire us.


Here at Blundstone, we believe these momentous events should be celebrated and remembered. That’s why we are extremely excited to announce the release of our brand new interactive timeline which shows the lives of famous adventures.

Documenting the lives of some the world’s most illustrious and intrepid adventurers, this content piece is designed to inspire and engage future thrill-seeking pioneers.


From Neil Armstrong to Edmund Hillary, Lynne Cox to Laura Decker, the people featured on this timeline have instilled awe across the generations. Their appeal is perennial. They have galvanized countless individuals over the years to uncover their inner spirit of adventure.


Come and learn more about their incredible lives and achievements along the way.

With this interactive timeline, you can click through each adventurer’s life to discover more about their sensational journeys and unbelievable stories.   

Be inspired and join the outdoor revolution!