Tasmanian schoolboy, Alex Peroni, is Australia’s fastest teenager and, thanks to Blundstone, he continues to dominate European circuits.



Alex Peroni has dedicated over half of his life to pursuing his dream of becoming a professional racing driver, with his sights set firmly on single-seater racing.

According to his website, ‘Alex is a very social and respectful young man and is renowned for talking and laughing a lot.’

After Alex’s father succumbed to his son’s demands to race karts, there was no turning back. The results spoke for themselves, and Alex’s career in motorsports looked set to take off. From a young age, Alex’s keen interest in racing was paralleled by his evident talent. He started racing sprint karts at Orielton in Tasmania at age 7; at age 9, he became the youngest Australian to compete internationally in karting.

In 2015, Alex stepped into single seater cars. Taking part in the world’s most competitive Formula 4 championship in a small team, he finished 14th with two-second place podium finishes.

At 16, Alex took the title for youngest Australian to win a single seater motor racing championship in Europe.

What’s more, this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of a small group of private and business sponsors —including us—who have raised more than 35,000 Australian dollars.

Alex’s long-term goal is to be racing in Formula 1 by 20.

To achieve this, the Formula Renault Series is an important stepping stone because competing teams use ‘factory sealed’ engines and identical chassis. This helps place drivers on an equal footing and tests their driving as well as strategic skills and their ability to ‘set up’ their car.

These factors, combined with his age, make Alex’s success even more impressive.